At the heart of my inspiration lays love for people.
    Every person in the world is unique and inimitable. Everyone is valuable. Although people are different in the cultural sense, in social development, and in worldview, all of them are humans. Even though they have different values, different attitudes toward particular things, different appearances and unique personal stories, all of them belong to a large family which is humanity. Every person conceptualises the world around oneself, and also every person is conscious of oneself in it. Everyone has thoughts, feelings, hopes, dreams, and faith. Consequently, every person reveals oneself to the world according to one's inner life.
    My goal is to create a portrait of a person while using context clues (such as human's body language, scene and objects around him or her), which in some way highlight the uniqueness of the person, and tell the audience about character's personality.
    I value the idea of preserving the world's art heritage including the technology and methodology of old masters. Therefore I am actively trying to apply the long-standing methods and technological processes of painting to my work.
    To create my artworks, I prefer to use natural materials, as far as it is possible. As support for painting, I am using solid wood or canvas. The wood is previously processed to achieve appropriate aesthetic figuration. Afterwards, I prepare the wooden board for future painting by glueing a piece of fabric onto it. Then, as a primer, I use the traditional handmade gesso. I try to perform my work with egg tempera, egg tempera with oil, or only oil, in the same way as those techniques were used in Italy during late Medieval and early Renaissance. I mix natural pigments with oil medium or with tempera, made of egg yolk. For the purpose of decorating, I use gilding with pure gold leaves, incrustation, and other techniques.
    Although I do not limit myself to using modern methods such as intuitive painting, I prefer the thoughtful and thorough approach with the accurate preparation of sketches and working on the details.

    Art is about beauty. In the very nature of a human, there is a desire for the beauty. Even producing the simplest thing, a man tries to make it beautiful. Creation or contemplation of artworks could give us not only pleasure but also could ennoble, gentle and humanise our souls. Art is the exceptional area of work that provides enjoyment and harmony. Artistic activity is a continuous cultivation of the beauty, and lucky is that man who is engaged in such activity.
    I grew up in family related to the artistic world. My mother is an artist; my sister and my wife have a degree in art. From the early years, I was taught to value the beauty. I am sensitive to art and appreciate it.
    Gilding is the ancient mastership that, in my view, is perfect and refined. The mysterious shimmer of the golden curls and surfaces gives me the sense of fulfilment. While performing gilding, I am trying to make every detail perfect. By and large, I consider myself as a perfectionist and achievement of the set objectives during my work brings me great satisfaction.
    In my work, I am using water gilding technique, oil gilding, and other techniques.
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